What to Buy for a New Puppy

So you have decided to welcome a new puppy into your family. The chances are that you have already met your puppy and are just waiting for him or her to be old enough to leave the litter. It’s such an exciting time and we know you will want to be ready for your puppy coming home.

When deciding what you might need to buy for a new puppy, there are a few things you definitely need, and a few things that it is worth waiting to buy. We are going to talk through the essential things you will need for bringing your puppy home, and recommending a few items that it’s worth waiting to buy or even borrowing.

Without further ado, let’s make sure that you and your new puppy have everything they are going to need to settle into your family in the first few days of their transition.

What do I Need to Buy for a New Puppy

Creating a new puppy checklist is a great way of getting prepared to bring your new furry friend home. Here’s a list of what should be on it:


Having a crate in your home can provide a safe space for your puppy to sleep and rest, especially while you are house training them or when you can’t be there to look after them. The tricky question to answer is what size crate to buy for your puppy.

The thing to bear in mind is that your puppy will grow very quickly in the first few months, so you might want to buy a crate they will grow into. The other option is to borrow a crate to begin with and see how crate training goes. You will also get an idea of the size of crate you will eventually need.

Dog Bed

Your dog might like something to sleep on or they might not! Some dogs are quite happy sleeping straight on the floor and get too warm on a fluffy bed. If you do want to get a dog bed, having one with a raised edge can be helpful as a lot of puppies like to have something to rest their head on.

When it comes to what to buy when getting a new puppy, we don’t recommend investing a lot in a new dog bed, as you will want to observe your puppy and see what they do and don’t like sleeping on. Once you have got to know your puppy and their sleep preferences, you will have more of an idea which dog bed they might like.

puppy asleep in dog bed

Food and Water Bowls

There is no doubt that you should have food and water bowls on your list of what to buy for a puppy. You may want to have a few in different locations around the house so they always have access to what they need. Food and water bowls should be easy to clean and looking for non-slip bowls can make your life as a puppy owner a little bit easier in terms of spillages.

Puppy Food

One way to be prepared for bringing your new puppy home is to have their preferred puppy food ready and waiting for them. Your breeder should tell you what your puppy has been fed and provide you with a feeding schedule. You may want to change their puppy food at some point, but do this gradually so that it doesn’t upset their tummy.

Puppy Treats

We cannot stress enough the value of having puppy treats around the home to help with training and encouraging the behaviour you want from your puppy. Boiled chicken is a great treat option, as well as cheese and hot dogs all cut up into small pieces. You can also buy puppy training treats suitable for young dogs.


Is a collar something you are going to need for a new puppy? We think it is! You will want to get them used to wearing one as soon as possible, even if they aren’t going out for walks straight away.

Name Tag

All dogs are legally required to have a name tag with the owners contact details on as well as being microchipped.


A lead is also a very useful thing to have for your puppy when you bring them home. While you are training your puppy, having a short lead attached to them, even inside the house, can make it easier to keep them safe and stop them behaving in a way you are not happy with.

Dog Toys

A few dog toys is definitely something you will need to get for your new puppy. They will need something to chew on and a few other kinds of toys like balls etc. Start by picking toys with different textures and see what your puppy prefers. Playing with your puppy is super important for bonding, but toys are also helpful for distracting your puppy from behaviour you don’t want like puppy biting.

Puppy Pads

One thing you will begin working on with your puppy as soon as they get home is toilet training. Your breeder will probably already be using puppy pads, so having some already at home will help your transition go more smoothly.

Poop Bags

Stocking up on poop bags is something you need to do before your new puppy comes home.

Blankets and Towels

When you are getting ready for your new puppy to come home, we suggest going through the cupboards and putting aside some old blankets and towels just for your puppy to use. These will come in hand for bedding and keeping muddy paws clean after wet and muddy walks.

Brush and Comb Set

You may not have realised that having a brush and comb set on your list of what to buy when getting new a puppy, but getting them used to being handled and groomed is something you are going to want to get them used to as soon as possible, especially if they are a breed that is going to need to visit the doggie parlour regularly.

Dog Shampoo

Getting your dog used to having a bath is something you will want to do sooner rather than later. Be prepared with a lovely dog shampoo and those old towels you dug out the cupboards earlier.

What to Buy for a Puppy

We hope that you have found our new puppy checklist helpful and we have helped you to navigate what to get for a new puppy. Getting a puppy can be very expensive, so as well as making sure you have everything you need, we hope that we’ve given you a few ways you can save money on your new puppy too.

Have you got a new puppy recently? What thing did you buy that you and your puppy can’t live without?